The South West Coast Path is one of the 16 National Trails .
Britain’s longest National Trail.
It runs for 630 miles from Minehead (Somerset) to South Haven Point - Poole (Dorset).
Completed in 1978.
The path originated as a route for the Coastguards patrolling the South West Peninsula - looking out for smugglers.
To finance the wars with America and France between 1775 and 1815 high duties were imposed on Imported Goods - Tea , Brandy , Gin , Rum , Tobacco. .....and this lead to an increase in smuggling.
This continued until the 1840s, when Britain adopted a free-trade policy that slashed import duties. Within ten years, large-scale smuggling had stopped.
From the early 1800's the Coastguard Path was being used for leisure.
Photographer - David Evans
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